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The FIRST internet based
U.S. Customs ABI application for
customs brokers, importers and 3PLs

Customs Broker / Importer ABI Filing Software
ACE e-Manifest Filing Software
Importer Security Filing (10 + 2)

Instructions on Submitting Exclusions for Steel or Aluminum
11/8/2018 12:18:02 PM
Please refer to CSMS 18-000663: Update on submitting Imports of Products Excluded from Duties on Imports of Steel or Aluminum
New SB Helpdesk Hours
10/5/2018 4:17:47 PM
Labor Day U.S. Holiday Sept 3rd
8/14/2018 2:20:43 PM
U.S. Holiday July 4
6/18/2018 12:32:06 PM

03/18/19Delayed Importer/Bond Query (KI/KR) Response Times 19-000136
03/18/19Document Image System (DIS) File Name and Document 19-000135
03/15/19Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 510 19-000134
03/15/19ACE PRODUCTION Scheduled Maintenance, Sat. Mar 16, 19-000133
03/15/19FDA New and End-Dated CVM Class Codes and Product 19-000132
03/15/19Upcoming Deployment of New Standard Reports for Im 19-000131
03/15/19Upcoming Deployment of Enhanced PGA Message Set Un 19-000130
03/15/19Reminder: FDA Downtime 3/16/19 11 PM Eastern throu 19-000129
03/15/19Initiation of AD/CVD Duty Investigation: 19-000128
03/14/19Reminder: ACE Deployment on March 16, 2019 19-000127
03/14/19ACE Reports Webinar for Trade ACE Account Holders 19-000126
03/14/19FDA End-dating a CDRH Product Code and Adding New 19-000125
03/13/19Denver Port Closed Wednesday, March 13, 2019 19-000124
03/13/19ACE CERTIFICATION CEE ID deployment, Thursday Mar 19-000123
03/13/19ACE CERTIFICATION Scheduled Maintenance, Wed. Marc 19-000122
03/13/19Initiation of AD Investigations: Acetone from Mult 19-000121
03/13/19CERT Deployment for ACE 5106 19-000120
03/12/19New Time: March 14, 2019 ACE Bi-Weekly Trade Call 19-000119
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Local: (716) 681-5130
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