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Our experience and depth of knowledge in developing importing software for high volume customs brokers has been applied in new and even better ways to benefit truck carriers crossing the northern and southern borders. This invaluable industry knowledge has been applied to this new system giving efficiencies around every corner.

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24/7 included system support
Training and tools are included
Quick-pick your trucks, trailer, crew members shippers and consignees without ever having to re-key the same data twice
Further reduce data entry by copying data from past shipments and trips
Comprehensive data validations that warn you of errors BEFORE transmitting to customs
Print your in-ward cargo manifest directly from the SmartBorder software
Avoid costly penalties and turnarounds with our status tracking
Reduce the impact of ACE on your bottom line
Use existing staffing to complete trips and shipments without hours or days of training
Never get hung up on the slow, overloaded ACE portal
Only need a PC and an internet connection
Updates to your software free of charge
Process BRASS, Section 321 and in-bond shipments

Data maintenance modules such as the Crew, Truck and Trailer pick lists have transformed a once time-consuming process of redundant keying into a fast process of “pick and click”. You are able to setup your SmartBorder system with all the necessary information prior to creating any trips, and reuse that data as needed.

Hundreds of data checks provide instantaneous error checking in a way that surpasses even the abilities of our flagship brokerage systems. This means that even more keying errors are caught before sending information to customs. Our innovative validation tool allows the user to instantly navigate directly to the field that’s in question.

Real-time transmission results give the user an immediate view of the status of a current trip or shipment without having to navigate into several screens.

Flexible data integration options give you the ability to integrate with our systems using EDI or cutting edge Web Services. Please review our integration options section for more information on additional premium services we offer.

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Cutting-edge technology gives automatic updates securely so you have the latest version of the product every time you log in. By using the latest Microsoft .NET platform, our software can be run even in the most secure environments without IT staff intervention!
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Local: (716) 681-5130
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