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Data Center

SmartBorder is run on two separate data centers in Chicago and New York City.  The centers are carrier class facilities sitting on the edge of the most robust network backbone available.  Each facility provides us with fully redundant power and HVAC, controlled temperature and humidity, fire threat detection and suppression, 24x7x365 manned site and an industry leading SLA.

Network (Internet)

We are proud to say that Internap has proven to be extremely reliable with excellent support for all of our needs.  Their unique network infrastructure routes your information more efficiently than the competition, providing better service to our customers around the globe.  In fact, they have some control over the direction our traffic travels.  This allows us to take an alternate route if there is a major problem somewhere between us and you.


SmartBorder is run on enterprise grade Dell servers with multiple internal redundant systems. In case of any individual failure a dedicated “warm” spare machine is on standby for replacement. Our database clusters (Microsoft SQL) offer high performance and data availability.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a different feature we offer. In the case of a fire, natural disaster or terrorist attack that renders our facilities inoperable, we can bring online our disaster recovery site with little to no data loss. Our offsite backups are streamed every 15 minutes to our alternate site for staging in case of a disaster.


Physical access is restricted to authorized personal only. 24/7 manned security checkpoints, biometrics and magnetic cards are a few of the security features present at the data center. Closed circuit recorded video is setup for monitoring throughout the data center.

SmartBorder employs strong RSA encryption combined with 256bit token based session authentication. We take necessary measures to ensure your data isn’t compromised in transit.

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