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We feel that every business has different needs, grown with their own unique vision. SmartBorder is designed to be completely customizable. Our systems design gives us the ability to change the way the system operates specific to your needs.

Most customers find that our systems fit their requirements out-of-the-box with no modifications needed. For our customers that have more sophisticated business practices in place, we have changed SmartBorder to work for them. Our engineers have years of experience in the customs and transportation industry giving us the ability to understand how to create a solution that works best for you.

Here are a few customizations we have done for some of our customers.

  • EDI data processing from their customer facing software
  • Billing export routines for unique accounting systems
  • Invoices with separate logo and data based on port code and other fields
  • Transactional integration to freight forwarding packages
  • E-Mail messages during events such as FDA HOLDs
  • Alternate data entry screens for companies who only import specific products
  • Print reports based on available data within our systems
  • Web tracking fields specified by the customer
  • Search options and display rules for business specific lookup of data
  • Additional fields for internal classification of files
  • And many more.  Please contact us for more information.
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