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e-Manifest Integration Options

Full Service with Adminserv
We have partnered with Adminserv to provide you with a high quality, full service carrier manifest solution that will ease the burden of new mandates set by Customs and Border Protection now and in the future.
Adminserv offers services and support on a 24/7 basis, Northbound and Southbound.
Let Adminserv
    Populate, validate and transmit the data required for e manifest
Automate the capture, validation and submission of documents to the Customs Broker
Automate the workflow for shipment processing.
Automate the event logging on each shipment for full track and trace capability.
Provide client access for shipment process viewing and communication of shipment status to dispatch on 24/7 basis.
Completely customize cross border processes based on client specific requirements.

Partial EDI Integration
Partial integration is defined by providing as many data elements as you can to partially fill out the required fields on the shipments and trips. Once the data is collected human intervention may be required to complete the missing elements from within the SmartBorder software.
This option is well suited for medium to large carriers with 20+ international shipments (bill of ladings) per day. Generally the lower cost and faster integration time of this integration makes it the preferred method of integration.
You will optionally be able to receive electronic notifications in the format of your choosing to update records in your freight or ERP system.
Ideally you should meet the following requirements before considering partial integration.
    You have 20+ international shipments per day.
You have an existing freight or ERP system capable of exporting data.
You have the resources available to review shipments and trips generated.
You do not have the resources available to key the shipments from scratch.
The general advantages of doing a partial integration are the following.
    Less data entry mistakes
One originating system for your base data.
Lower human keying effort.
Records are stored and backed up on SmartBorder systems.
Lower up-front startup costs than full integration.

Full EDI Integration
Full integration options are specifically tailored to your in-house freight or ERP system. In this scenario you wouldn’t use the SmartBorder front-end application. All transmissions and results are collected, processed and sent to and from customs and your system.
Since Customs and Border Protection provides us with EDI specifications, what value is SmartBorder providing?
Most companies who undertake programming to the ACE system themselves soon find out that adding the required “missing” fields to their system is just the tip of the iceberg. We estimate that any company undertaking this project will spend a conservative 600 total man hours getting data formatted correctly and validated properly. Another 200 hours and tens of thousands of dollars in hardware must be invested to get communications setup properly and tested. Double that for redundant links brining the conservative total to about 1,000 hours for just the messaging infrastructure.
Our industry expertise and existing communication infrastructure with Customs and Border Protection is to your time-saving advantage when you make the choice to use SmartBorder as your Value Added Network. We take the knowledge, communication and hardware requirements out of the equation giving you freedom to use your existing messaging infrastructure letting your IT staff work on project more suited towards their expertise.
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