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The FIRST internet based
U.S. Customs ABI application for
customs brokers, importers and 3PLs

Customs Broker / Importer ABI Filing Software
ACE e-Manifest Filing Software
Importer Security Filing (10 + 2)

No more Paper Req indicator on Statements
1/11/2018 11:18:45 AM
Per CBP, ACE entry summaries are considered paperless and as such the “Docs Required Indicator” has been removed from the statement output. Filers are advised to respond to ACE Entry Summary Status Notification (UC) messages for required actions, including when additional information is requested.
Informed Compliance NMFS SIMP Jan 9, 2018
12/18/2017 3:02:35 PM
Version 1705 projects listed on Helpdesk
11/3/2017 12:27:52 PM
SmartBorder at WESCCON 2017
10/11/2017 2:01:09 PM

03/16/18RESOLVED: External users unable to access ACE Port 18-000231
03/16/18External users unable to access ACE Portal 18-000230
03/16/18Reminder: ACE Deployment G Reports Deployment – Ma 18-000229
03/15/18ACE Database Maintenance on March 16th at 5 AM 18-000228
03/15/18ACE PRODUCTION Scheduled Maintenance, Sat. Mar 17, 18-000227
03/15/18FDA Scheduled Maintenance on Saturday March 17, 20 18-000226
03/15/18ACE Monthly Trade Update 18-000225
03/15/18ACE PRODUCTION Reconciliation Deployed, Thurs, Mar 18-000224
03/15/18Coniferous Shingles and Sawn Shakes AD/CVD 18-000223
03/14/18ACE PRODUCTION Cargo Release Deployment, Thur Marc 18-000222
03/14/18Note to Software Developers: FDA Programming Remin 18-000221
03/14/18ACE CERTIFICATION Scheduled Maintenance, Wed. Marc 18-000220
03/14/18Harmonized System Update 1803 created on March 13, 18-000219
03/14/18RESOLVED: Cargo Release Notification (SO) response 18-000218
03/14/18Delayed Cargo Release Notification (SO) responses 18-000217
03/13/18Update to ACE Portal Account reset policy 18-000216
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