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08/18/17Activation of Air In-Bond and Local Transfer statu 17-000505
08/18/17ACE PRODUCTION OUTAGE, Saturday, Aug 19, 2017 @ 22 17-000504
08/18/17Updated ACE Documentation Available on 17-000503
08/18/17ACE FTZ CERT Testing Available to All Trade Partne 17-000502
08/17/17RESOLVED:Delays in processing Entry Summary, Cargo 17-000501
08/17/17Delays in processing Entry Summary, Cargo Release 17-000500
08/17/17Updated ACE AESTIR Appendix C Posted on 17-000499
08/16/17Publication of Two FRNs Concerning Duty Deferral a 17-000498
08/16/17Update on ISF Deployment 17-000496
08/16/17RESOLVED: Issue with Bond Information Synchronizat 17-000495
08/15/17ACE CERTIFICATION Outage, Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017 17-000494
08/15/17PRODUCTION ACE Cargo Release Deployed this morning 17-000493
08/15/17Clarification: Updated FWS PGA Documentation Poste 17-000491
08/15/17FDA New Class Code and New Product Codes under Ind 17-000492
08/14/17ACE PRODUCTION PGA Deployment, Tues Aug 15, 2017 @ 17-000490
08/14/17CBP Bills for Supplemental Duties, Taxes and Fees, 17-000489
08/14/17Entry Specialist Transition to the Centers 17-000488
08/14/17Updated Partner Government Agency (PGA) Documentat 17-000487
08/14/17Immediate Delivery (ID) procedures using ACE Docum 17-000486
08/14/17Publication of FRNs Concerning the Export Manifest 17-000485
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