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EDI Integration

Success in today's compliance environment is reliant upon absolutely seamless, secure, efficient movement of large quantities of data. Redundant keying, duplicate entries and incompatible applications can all lead to reduced productivity or, worse, errors that result in delays and penalties. SmartBorder offers different options to ensure optimal movement of data from your internal ERP, inventory tracking and freight systems to CBSA systems.

We offer very flexible EDI integrations so that you can leverage your data from other systems. Choose a partial or full EDI integration. Then, use either our pre-built standard integration or allow us to customize the integration to fit your needs.

Partial EDI Integration

Partial integration is defined by providing as many data elements as you can to partially fill out the required fields for shipments and trips. Once the data is collected, human intervention may be required to complete the missing elements from within the SmartBorder software.

This option is well suited for medium to large carriers with 20+ international shipments (bill of ladings) per day. Generally, the lower cost and faster integration time of this solution makes it the preferred choice.

You will optionally be able to receive electronic notifications in the format of your choosing to automatically update records in your freight or ERP system.

Ideally, you should meet the following requirements before considering partial integration:
    • You have 20+ international shipments per day
    • You have an existing freight or ERP system capable of exporting data
    • You have the resources available to review shipments and trips generated
    • You do not have the resources available to key the shipments from scratch

The general advantages of doing a partial integration:

    • Fewer data entry mistakes
    • One originating system for your base data
    • Lower human keying effort
    • Records are stored and backed up on SmartBorder systems
    • Lower up-front start up costs than full integration

Full EDI Integration

Full integration options are specifically tailored to your in-house freight or ERP system. With this scenario, you would bypass the SmartBorder front-end application and all transmissions and results would be collected, processed and sent from your internal systems to CBP.

Why Use SmartBorder To Handle Your EDI Transmissions?

It's true that CBSA provides the EDI specifications but integrating them into your internal systems is another story entirely. The most common scenario involves investing hundreds of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars in order to format the required data correctly and acquire the hardware to transfer the data.

Or, you can rely on SmartBorder's industry expertise and communication infrastructure to take care of it for you at a fraction of the cost. What's more, going forward, we take care of all future updates and upgrades, manage the system and ensure adherence to CBP protocols. You  can then focus on building your business.

Take a look at our pre-built integration toolkit and let SmartBorder show you how we can take your organization to a new level of efficiency and productivity. Call 1-800-572-2734 or
e-mail us.

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