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Case Studies

At SmartBorder, we recognize that every business is different and we're committed to working with your organization to find a solution that works for you. Find out how these SmartBorder customers found the solutions to meet their business needs.

Global Link Brokerage Services
GHY International
Hosford International
3PL Customs House Broker

Global Link Brokerage Services Case Study

Starting a new business in any industry is daunting but, as a new brokerage service, the challenge for Global Link was two-fold. How to get maximum productivity out of extremely limited resources - a single employee in this case - while still effectively and accurately navigating the complex, ever-changing world of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) compliance. After all, one error or missed deadline could spell disaster for a new company without a track record of customer service to fall back on.

SmartBorder's innovative ABI application. Originally sold on its fast, intuitive interface and infinitely customizable reporting functionality, Global Link was also impressed with its low start-up cost and SaaS-based remote hosting. Another benefit they've come to appreciate is SmartBorder's limitless scalability. Global Link has gone from one employee to handling thousands of transactions a month with no service interruptions or intrusive hardware modifications.

GHY International

With over 100 years of northern border experience, GHY International is one of the largest, most experienced broker/carriers currently moving goods between Canada and the U.S. It's no surprise they recognized the benefits of SmartBorder's cutting edge SaaS-based applications and their class-leading functionality.

Upon setting out to replace their extensive in-house systems with new software that met a strict set of corporate criteria, GHY thoroughly evaluated many potential platforms before deciding to integrate both SmartBorder's ACE and ABI applications as an all-encompassing compliance solution.

As a large multi-national with highly structured processes in place, they were won over by the SmartBorder suite's adaptability and ease of customization. The SmartBorder team worked with them to meet their needs, integrating into their framework while streamlining workflow and increasing GHY's ability to support their clients' needs.

And they remain consistently impressed with SmartBorder's willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. High praise indeed when it comes from a company that has been providing exceptional customer service in a highly competitive industry for over a century.

Hosford International

For over 40 years, Hosford International has proudly offered small-town service in a worldwide marketplace. As an international shipping facilitator in Erie, PA, Hosford's base of local clients rely on the company's renowned personal attention to detail to ensure efficient, smooth importation of goods from around the globe. Hosford relies on SmartBorder's ABI application to maintain that high level of customer satisfaction.

When Hosford was shopping for a new software vendor to replace their old, out-of-date ABI application a few years ago, they were impressed with both SmartBorder's ease of use and the functions that vastly increased their efficiency and productivity features like real-time updates, Remote Location Filing and the ability to replicate similar entries and avoid redundant keying.

Donnie Hosford says, "I've been able to process entries more efficiently and spend more time on sales and recruiting business. For a small company, this is very helpful. I would recommend SmartBorder."

3PL Customs House Broker

Being a newly licensed broker starting a new customs brokerage, Connie Vidaurre, wanted nothing more than to get 3PL Customs House Broker up and running with no glitches. Fortunately, she chose SmartBorder's ABI solution as a partner and hasn't looked back since.

Not only did the application's standard features such as data verification, tariff tables and user-friendly interface give her the confidence to know she was on the right path, but also SmartBorder's industry leading training and support was there for her every step of the way - from helping to get her company ABI-approved by CBP to initial start-up and training to ongoing 24/7 support.

Talk to us today. We'll work with you to understand where you are, where you want to be and how SmartBorder can help you get there by contacting us at 1-800-572-2734 or e-mail us.

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