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SmartBorder ABI

 SmartBorder ISF

 SmartBorder AES

SmartBorder ACE

SmartBorder offers an innovative suite of applications to meet your business needs.

  • Import ABI Filer - Cutting edge ABI software for land, sea, air brokers and self-filing importers. 

  • ISF Importer Security Filing - The ideal software for organizations required to file the new Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Importer Security Filing for ocean shipments. 

  • AES Export Filer - Meet export compliance requirements with this seamless, cost effective software. 

  • ACE eManifest Filer - Intuitive and easy to use ACE compliance software. 


All SmartBorder applications are SaaS-based which means they are hosted on the internet, accessed, and used through any PC with an internet connection. Using SaaS based software saves your company time and money with no IT resources or dedicated hardware required.

What's SaaS and why use it?
Click here to find out the benefits of this innovative technology.


SmartBorder is for you

SmartBorder was designed from the ground up to increase productivity and customs compliance for low and high volume brokers, carriers and importers. Hundreds of companies now rely on it to smooth the importation process for almost every type of commodity, from fuel to produce to textiles.

SmartBorder's success is based on offering solutions that are extremely flexible, exceedingly reliable and, most importantly, makes your organization more productive.

  • Your business is unique
    SmartBorder was built from the ground up to be able to integrate with your specific infrastructure, including accounting packages and freight legacy systems.

  • Endlessly scalable
    SmartBorder has the capacity to handle all of your transactions - now and in the future. The best part is you pay one license fee, regardless of the number of users and locations you have.

  • Pay-per-use with no long term contract
    Our ASP-based platform offers you an extremely cost effective billing model. A small, one-time licensing fee followed by a pay-per-use plan with no locked-in contractual obligations.

  • Workflow friendly
    SmartBorder was designed by brokers making it intuitive, logical and efficient to use while continuously streamlining the processes that impact your bottom line.

  • Get it right the first time
    SmartBorder's integrated data verification function and a tariff database that is updated daily help you ensure that your submissions are accurate - minimizing costly delays and penalties.

  • Perfectly customizable
    SmartBorder allows you to operate the way you want. Unlike many SaaS-based systems, users can customize everything from input fields to ad-hoc reports to suit your business needs.

  • Your line to CBP
    Like a buyer's group pooling their resources, SmartBorder's large customer base allows us to offer the best MQ Series fiber optic connection transmitting directly into CBPs' systems. Your transactions are transmitted quickly, securely and seamlessly, every time.

The benefits do not stop here. Talk to us today and find out  how SmartBorder can specifically help your business and request a live demo by calling 1-800-572-2734 or e-mail us here.

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