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Air/Sea Broker Edition

Since 2002, U.S. Customs and  Border Protection (CBP) has continually increased their compliance requirements for goods brought into the United States from around the globe. Brokers providing clearance support for air/sea importing have been faced with constantly adapting their practices to provide more detailed quantities of pertinent data at prescribed times.

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Now, with the introduction of the ISF Importer Security Filing (ISF) compliance requirements, the dial will be turned again, as importers and their agents are required to provide more information before a container is loaded at a foreign port. For more information on ISF requirements, click here.

Given the substantial monetary value or delivery-related urgency often associated with these shipments, the financial and business repercussions of non-compliance can be significant for brokers of any size.

At SmartBorder we recognize this. that is why we are continually developing our ABI solutions to stay ahead of the technology and compliance curve - giving our customers the peace of mind to focus on building their business.

SmartBorder ABI Air/Sea Edition Features

  • Superior screen presentation, readability and speed makes it easy to file your own entries

  • Native remote access, disaster recovery assistance, automated backup

  • The fastest entry writing system in the industry

  • Fully integrated suite including ABI, electronic in-bond, client side application, RLF, reporting, email notifications, e-billing, EDI, exports and more

  • EDI links to 3rd party or proprietary accounting, freight and ERP systems

  • Available features include document imaging, reconciliation entries, drawback, ACE eManifest

What's more, it's all backed by world-class training and support. We know there's little room for error in today's climate and we are here for you with licensed brokers on staff and a full archive of support documents, customs information and tutorial videos.

Talk to us today. We'll work with you to understand where you are, where you want to be and how SmartBorder can help you get there. Call 1-800-572-2734 or e-mail us here.

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