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Service Center and Broker Edition

If you're a broker supporting truck carriers or a service center handling submissions for truck carriers, ACI compliance requirements have not only added to your workload, they've placed the onus for data accuracy and timeliness squarely on your clients' shoulders. You're in a position of trust and the last thing you need is to have penalties levied against a carrier because of substandard capabilities on your part.

To properly support your carrier clients, you need an ACI compliance solution that sets industry standards for workflow, productivity and accuracy.

You need an application that ensures secure, stable transmissions through a state-of-the-art MQ Series fiber optic connection directly into Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) systems. One that is designed from the ground up to feature cutting edge checks and balances, including numerous data verification functions, real-time status updates and the ability to bypass redundant keying practices. One that is easy to master without requiring any investment in additional IT hardware or support.

Download the ACI eManifest product sheet.

You need SmartBorder's SaaS-based ACI compliance application

We've spent 10 years perfecting cutting edge customs compliance solutions that have earned a 99% customer retention rating in the most demanding brokerage, importer and carrier environments. Our ACI application is no different. Its robust design allows it to be configured as either a stand-alone application or as a service center - while still maintaining these essential features:

    • It's hosted by us. You access it via any-internet enabled PC - no IT investment on your part.
    • Remote hosting means you always access the same software version that even our largest customers are using.
    • Pay-per-use billing structure lets you utilize the newest technology in the most cost effective method.
    • Innovative, intuitive interface allows you to automatically populate common fields with recurring data.
    • Comprehensive notification functionality keeps all parties on the same page concerning submission status, requests for further information and clearances.
    • Pre-built integrations allow for fast EDI integrations

What's more, it's all backed by world-class training and support. We know there's little room for error in today's climate and we're here to help with licensed brokers on staff and a full archive of support documents, CBSA information and tutorial videos.  

We'll work with you to understand where you are, where you want to be and how SmartBorder can help you get there. Call 1-800-572-2734 or e-mail us today.

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