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If you're a land, sea or air broker or a self-filing importer, you know how much your world has changed in the past few years - timelines are tighter, compliance requirements are stricter and margins are slimmer. Does it all make you feel like your current ABI application was designed for a world that doesn't exist any more?

The future belongs to SmartBorder's ABI  

SmartBorder's ABI software is built on cutting edge technology, continually utilizing the newest innovations to maximize efficiency, productivity and accuracy - while adhering to age-old concepts like value, dependability and security. And it's all backed by world-class training and support. Designed for today and tomorrow. Take some time to explore its features, download the product sheet, and then contact us for a live demo.

SmartBorder has the ABI solution for your business.  Find out more about SmartBorder ABI for:


SmartBorder's ABI features

File your entries and releases from one module

  • Process all types of entries from the same module
  • Easy navigation and defaults help you quickly complete an entry
  • Built-in FDA, Prior Notice, FCC, and DOT
  • Copy transaction function to save on data entry
  • Automatic special programs recommendations
  • Validation checks on the entry data before it is sent to Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Fast results after transmission to CBP

Powerful searching with our grids

  • Gives you a view of important information for multiple transactions
  • See when an entry was released, who modified it, and more
  • Perform transmit and print functions on multiple transactions
  • Find any transaction by searching numerous fields

Store related customer data with profiles

  • Bond information is kept in the profile to load into entries
  • Create and file manufacturer IDs and 5106s for customers
  • Build product lists, transaction parties, and billing information
  • Store important dates and customer information such as power of attorney dates, contact information, customer notes, and more
Create and save real-time Ad-Hoc reports
  • Produce custom reports according to your specifications
  • Choose the data fields you want to include in your report
  • Export the results to Microsoft Excel
  • Save your reports for future use

Automated Export System (AES)

  • File the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) paperless
  • Create airway bills, ocean bills of lading, and dock receipts
  • Validation checks warn of possibly incorrect or missing data
  • Interface is easy to navigate and pick lists provide for quick lookup
Eletronically file In-bonds (QP/WP)
  • Copy In-Bond function to save data entry
  • Prints QP In-Bond authorized barcode on the 7512
  • Stores shippers, consignees, and Bonded Carrier ID's
  • Allows for all types of In-bonds and all modes of transportation

File FDA prior notice with the entry

  • Data transfers in from the product list reducing data entry
  • Transmits with the entry (no additional transmitting steps)
  • Receive your confirmation numbers back quickly FDA status updates are found attached to the entry messages  
  • FDA status updates are found attached to the entry messages

File electronic protests

  • File and amend 514, 520(c), 520(d) and 181.115 documents
  • Any interested party may file protests electronically
  • Submit service requests such as a request review of AFR denial
  • File addenda or additional arguments for a protest electronically
Complete and print Bonds
  • Complete Single Entry Bonds and Continuous Bonds
  • Use the Bond tool to search for bonds previously created
  • Flag transactions for clients that require Single Entry Bonds
  • Complete, store and print Single Entry Bonds in the entry
Process RLF entries with our Automated Invoice Interface (AII)
  • Data transfers from the entry into the invoice saving time
  • Easily transmit the invoice when requested by CBP
  • Use the copy function to import previously filed AII data
  • Setup options and defaults to process invoices quickly

Bill your customers with our billing module

  • Setup fee schedules to automate charges for customers
  • Integrate with your accounting system to transfer billing data
  • Add/edit notes, fees and payables information for each customer
  • Management function can restrict bill editing after export
Search CBP's tariff database with our tariff picker
  • Complete tariff database is updated nightly from CBP
  • Search tariffs by product description or partial tariff number
  • Change the date to retrieve historical tariff information
  • View relevant tariff information such as duty rates, valid special programs, other government agency codes, and special tariff flags such as ADD/CVD, and more
Setup delivery order
  • Create multiple delivery orders right from the entry transaction
  • Data from the entry is automatically copied into the delivery order
  • Print or email the delivery order
  • Common delivery order fields and recognizable print format
Use the product list to quickly complete entries
  • Import your client's product database from an excel spreadsheet
  • Detects products with invalid tariff numbers according to date
  • Add to the product list on the fly while completing an entry
  • Store relevant fields to transfer into the entry such as tariff number, product codes, FDA data, special program indicators, and much more

Store transaction parties for each customer

  • Store shippers and consignees for selection in the entry and other modules that require parties related to the customer
  • Transmit and query the CF-5106
  • Automatically creates the Manufacturer ID that can be transmitted
  • Export the transaction party to list to excel

Some of our additional features 

  • Transaction access for brokers, clients, and carriers
  • Ability to process and send EDI files
  • Database of Customs Admin Messages
  • Integrated FDA Product Code Builder
  • Liquidation Notices
  • Flag Entries for Reconciliation
  • File Reconciliation Entries
  • Email Any Document (as PDF) Directly From Application Data

Talk to us today. We'll work with you to understand where you are, where you want to be and how SmartBorder can help you get there. Call 1-800-572-2734 ore-mail us.

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